Compound words are formed by joining two or more words.


The Kitehawk Learning Spelling Program uses compound words extensively, to teach spelling using a variety of exercises. Compound words can help build a student’s confidence in spelling long words and improve their vocabulary. 


In most of the exercises, the compound words have one word that is a list word.  Knowing how to spell part of the compound word helps a student learn the longer and more complex words, and builds their confidence.


There is often a question as to whether to use a hyphen or just join two words.


Dictionaries don’t always agree about when a hyphen should be used or when a compound word should be formed.  With increasing use, two words can become joined.


Many words that were previously hyphenated are now compound words.


Recently evolved examples of compound words are: download, taxpayer, callback, winegrowing, lifesaving, bestseller, childbearing, spellcheckers, feedback, talkback (radio), messagebank, photocopy, and many more.