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About the Kitehawk Learning Spelling and Literacy Program

Our program is a sequential, phonics based spelling and literacy program that teaches students basic spelling skills and strategies needed to improve their literacy and be able to work independently.

The program is suitable for both remedial and mainstream teaching programs.

Basic grammar and punctuation are also covered, together with editing and vocabulary building.

Answers, Games, Spelling Reviews for the print version, and Articles about Program Information and Teaching Tips are available on this website.

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‘Confident spellers make confident writers and readers’

” I have had the Director **** and the principal literacy consultant ******** visit my school this term. I have shown them the work the children have done with the Kitehawk Spelling and Literacy Program and both were impressed. The years 4-7 have been working with the program since the beginning of the year and the year three children have just started with the red book this term. “

Principal Kimberley Remote Community School

“I think the books are terrific Mark. They are so suitable for our guys …the size of the font make a big difference … the layout and the covers … and the dictionary at the back too is a fantastic idea. Thank you for your contribution to literacy in Australia.”

Adult Education Prisoner Teacher

“Thanks for the books (Program 1 & 2). I’m using Program 1 already.  I have a special needs child who enjoys using the Program 1 book and is actually keen to continue with the work. This is great news. Thanks again.”

Port Hedland teacher

About Kitehawk Learning

The Kitehawk Learning Spelling & Literacy Program now includes an Online Program for Programs 1 to 4.  The initial print program of Programs 1 to 5, with five separate workbooks and the free website support material, is still available.

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Plurals of Nouns

Plurals of Nouns

Rules for Plurals Singular means one. Plural means more than one.   Most nouns are made plural by adding s:  More than one boy  = boys More than one girl = girls More than one hat = hats   If the word ends in x or s, sh or ch, we add es:  More than one box =...



Syllables are the parts of a word that are spoken as a single unit, which together make up a word.   A good understanding of syllables is an important skill that students can use to learn the spelling of long, complicated words.  Breaking a word into syllables...



General Rules for Suffixes or Word Endings    A suffix is added to the end of a root, which is either a whole word or part of a word. The suffix changes its meaning and its part of speech.   Rules: The following rules are general and there are many...

Why Study Compound Words?

Why Study Compound Words?

Compound words are formed by joining two or more words.   The Kitehawk Learning Spelling Program uses compound words extensively, to teach spelling using a variety of exercises. Compound words can help build a student’s confidence in spelling long words and...

Why Study Rhyming Words?

Why Study Rhyming Words?

  Long vowel sounds are the most difficult part of the English language to master.  Rhyming exercises explore the many different ways the same long vowel sound can be spelled. For example, in reading, writing and spelling, there are about 15 different letter...

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