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” I’ve been a user of your text books for quite a while now, but have just moved jobs to work with Distance Education for remote students.   I wanted to see what your new online version was like, so purchased a Program 1 to test with myself.  I love the online version. I think it will work great with my students. “

Distance Education Teacher

” I think that the Kitehawk program is fantastic and I recommend it to everyone with indigenous students and any students who require literacy support. All my students love it as they can do it independently and can experience success in a tangible way, particularly when they move up a level. I have just recommended that the ‘Follow the Dream’ program purchase levels 4 and 5 for their students. “

High School Teacher

” We have had good results using Kitehawk books, and have almost run
out of Level 1 books and will need to order more. “

Education Coordinator South Australian Prison

“A book is a gift you can open again and again.

Garrison Keillor


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