2019 Edition Program 4 Workbook for Grade 6 – 11 years+


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Program 4 - Workbook

The Kitehawk Learning Spelling & Literacy Program now includes an Online Program for Levels 1 to 4.  The initial print program of Levels 1 to 5, with five separate workbooks and the free website support material, is still available.

The five level program is suitable for the average 7 to 12 year old student, and adult literacy programs.

Kitehawk Learning Spelling & Literacy Program
Kitehawk Online Kitehawk Workbooks Suitable for students’ ages
Program 1 Program 1 7 - 8 years Grade 3 to adults
Program 2 Program 2 8 - 9 years Grade 4 to adults
Program 3 Program 3 9 - 10 years Grade 5 to adults
Program 4 Program 4 10 - 11 years Grade 6 to adults
Program 5 11 - 12 years Grade 7 to adults

The Kitehawk Learning Spelling & Literacy Program can be used as both, a remedial program and a mainstream spelling program. The print program has also proved popular as a remedial spelling program for high school students and juvenile offenders.

Graphics, such as pictures of fairies, Humpty Dumpty, etc were avoided, so the workbooks and Online Program would prove acceptable to mature age students.

The Kitehawk Program provides students with:

  • the skills required to learn words independently, including spelling skills, dictionary skills, and
  • an understanding of the basic structure of the English language.

The program assumes students know the alphabet but have a sparse knowledge of phonics.

The program does not assume students already know how to spell many of the small important words. (e.g., are, you, and, was,  etc).  It is written in plain English and covers basic grammar and punctuation. The free website is available as a resource for the teachers and parents of students who use the workbooks.


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