Some students will engage better with the Online Program than with the hard copy workbooks of the print version.

The Online Program is self-paced – students work at their own pace.

There is immediate feedback to the student. There is no need to look-up answers, because when you submit an answer it is either correct or incorrect.  The answer is invariably a list word or can be found with the help of a dictionary. 

There are no exams except for spelling reviews which are tests of previous list words. Every sixth Unit in Programs 2 to Program 4 is a Spelling Review. A pass is considered to be 80% or more correct.  The Review can be repeated immediately if a score below 80% is achieved.

Students can experiment with answers until they get it correct.

Repetition or practise is important in learning.  Most of the answers to the Activities in each Unit, are the List Words, which students are required to type repeatedly.

The Online version does not allow doodling or colouring – distractions which are possible with workbooks.

The Kitehawk Program is inexpensive when compared to corporate literacy programs.

The Program can be accessed at home or school on a desktop, laptop or tablet.

There are a variety of interactive activities, such as ‘Drag and Drop’.

Online Units are not constrained by page size and availability.   Often useful Activities are cut short in the print version to fit the available space.  These Activities can be fleshed-out online.

The program can now be adapted quite easily and quickly, to specific needs e.g., cultural, national, regional, institutional, etc.