About Kitehawk Learning

(New Second Edition Published January 2006)

The Kitehawk Learning Spelling Program consists of five separate workbooks and access to the website for support material. The five level program is suitable for 7 to 12 year old students and adult literacy programs.

Kitehawk Learning Workbook Suitable for students ages:
Spelling Program Level 1 7 - 8 years Grade 3
Spelling Program Level 2 8 - 9 years Grade 4
Spelling Program Level 3 9 - 10 years Grade 5
Spelling Program Level 4 10 - 11 years Grade 6
Spelling Program Level 5 11 - 12 years Grade 7

The Kitehawk Learning Spelling Program can be used as both a remedial program and a mainstream spelling program. The program provides students with:

  • the skills required to learn words independently, including spelling skills, dictionary skills, and
  • an understanding of the basic structure of the English language.
The program assumes students know the alphabet and have a rudimentary knowledge of phonics. The program does not assume students know how to spell any words (e.g., are, you, and, etc). The program is written in plain English and covers basic grammar. The free website is available as a resource for the teachers and parents of students who use the workbooks. A password for the website is provided with each order.  

Features of the Program


The workbooks vary between 92 - 104 pages and contain about 30 units, each with a word list and exercises based on the word list. About 400 new words are studied at each level. 'Must Know' words used in writing are identified at each level.

A 'Must Know' list of high frequency words used by student in up to 75% of their daily writing at each level, is provided at the front of each workbook.

Hard-to-Spell words are identified at each level.

Important words are repeated in subsequent units and levels.

The Unit exercises relate strongly to the list words and aim to develop spelling skills and literacy.

The texts are designed to write in, to minimise expense, time-consuming photocopying, distribution, loose paper files, and so on.

A dictionary covering the list words is included in the Level 1 and 2 workbooks, to develop dictionary skills. Students require a school dictionary to complete the Level 3, 4 and 5 workbooks. The Oxford Australian School Dictionary is recommended for Levels 3, 4 and 5 because it contains basic Latin and Greek roots.

The ability to read, understand and follow instructions is an important intellectual skill that this program aims to develop. The instructions for each exercise are quite specific and are designed to make students think about the answers requested. Student soon realise they must read the question and not assume what the question requires.


The website contains support material for the Kitehawk Learning Spelling Program. Material available includes Teachers Notes, Look Cover Write Check sheets, Answers, Dictation, Review Units, Crosswords and Solutions.

Information is also provided for Lesson Plans, Dictionary Skills, Dictation, Spelling Skills and Rules (syllables, suffixes, compound words and plurals). Blank Look Cover Write Check sheets are available for those teachers who want the students to use cursive writing. Teachers will need to write in the list words before photocopying.

A 'Feedback' facility is also provided where users can contact the author with comments and suggestions to improve the usefulness of the workbooks and the website.