Focus of Wordlists
  Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5
01 words used frequently words used frequently wh & school words long a & e, school words school words
02 short vowel sounds /r/ sounds compound words syllables, maths words short vowel sounds
03 short vowel sounds beginning sounds doubled consonants /f/ & vivid verbs suffixes: -ed & -ing
04 short vowel sounds long e sound digraphs th ch sh ph /j/, better words for 'said' & 'go' /ch/ & /j/ sounds
05 short vowel sounds consonant clusters, blends /er/ sound syllable patterns, difficult words. /k/ & /kw/ sounds
06 short vowel sounds Review Review Review Review
07 short vowel & /oo/ sounds short e sound /c/ sound /s/ sound, adjectives long a & i sounds
08 short vowel sounds short a sound consonant clusters, blends sounds of /oo/, adjectives long e & o sounds
09 short vowel sounds beginning sounds adding -ed & -ing plurals, adverbs syllables
10 short vowel sounds short i sound long a sound endings:-ed -ing, vivid verbs silent letters
11 short vowel sounds doubled consonants el & le sound /k/ & /z/ sounds, homophones three syllables words
12 short vowel sounds Review Review Review Review
13 short vowels, look & say long /oo/ sound v / cv patterns /ur/ sound, food, animal, holidays social studies words
14 short vowels, blends, L&S beginning sounds consonant clusters, blends i before e rule, science words noun suffixes
15 long a sound long e sound vc / cv patterns short a i o & synonyms compound words
16 long vowel sounds /ou/ sound contractions long vowels & feelings doubled consonants
17 long vowel sounds ng & nk sounds Review compound & sensory words /ar/ and /or/ sounds
18 long e sound Review Review Review Review
19 /oa/ & /ai/ sounds /k/ & /n/ sounds long i sound endings: -ed -er -est clusters, digraphs ch st th
20 /oo/ sound long o sound plurals transition & sequence words, -ion language arts
21 /ng/ & contractions ch & tch sounds silent e, suffixes -ed -ing /el/ sound /oi/ & /ou/ sounds
22 /wh & /sh/ sounds consonant clusters, blends 2 or more syllables doubled consonants, confused words plurals
23 /th/ & /ch/ sounds short u sound long e sound compound words, silent letters /sh/ sound
24 word families ay & oy Review Review Review Review
25 word families all, ight, ar long a sound /ou/ & /ow/ sounds prefixes, 3 syllabe words, /s/ sound /s/ & /z/ sounds
26 word families ind, old, ice sh & th sounds long o sound suffixes: -ful -less -ment word families
27 variety of sounds /er/ sound short vowel sounds suffixes, compound words /er/ sound
28 variety of sounds long i sound ou & ough long i & o sounds, maths words doubled consonants
29 variety of sounds short /oo/ sound homophones short vowels, social studies words compound words
30 variety of sounds Review Review Review Review
31   short i sound /er/ sound /oi/ & /ou/ sounds, plurals, contractions Prefixes: dis- in- un- re-
32   th sound /aw/ /au/ /or/ sounds endings -ion, science words suffixes: -ed & -ing
33   /aw/ sound /j/ sound /er/ /ar/ /or/ sounds, tricky endings suffixes: -ful -ly -less
34   vowels with r vowels with r digraphs: th ch sh ph Review
35   Review abbreviations Review